Our company

Our company was established in 2002 March and since then it has been providing services from all fields of constructioning from designing through implementation to the turnkey delivery.

The financial basis and technical skills of our company, and the more than a decade-old work experience of our members make managing bigger projects possible as well. Our annual sales revenue is over 600 million HUF (2 million EUR). It is financed fluently by our company without involving of external capital.

Our developed engineering and management system, our workers vocation and skills ensure the high quality service for our Clients, and the excellent quality of our products and services.

The engineering works are carried out by our collegues possessing engineering authorization given by the Budapest and Pest County Chamber of Engineers. Completing the plans are helped by constructors performing technical drawings, developed computer network and professional softwares. The plans, the standards of which is accepted in EU as well, are always carried out on computer, therefore they are provided in digital form to our clients. In the interest of effective and problem free realization, we provide engineering and technical supervising during the implementation, and as the works are completed we make the as-built plans

The local installation tasks are performed by professional mechanics commissioned by our company, and are controlled by foremen with technical qualifications. All the implementation works are led by an engineer, who is entitled and charged with fulfilling the technical leader’s duties. The collegues doing the local installation tasks are aware of the relevant OSH and professional regulations. All the necessary machines, devices and the most modern tools are available for our workers.

While realizing implementation we always focus on the Client’s interests, therefore we aim at applying the most developed construction technology and using the most appropriate materials for the client. Naturally it can be realized only if also during planning these aspects are taken into consideration.

Our collegues by transmitting their work-experiences- acquired at different fields of building industry- into our company controlled and have been controlling significant projects which require high level of preparedness, moreover solved and have been solving these types of tasks.

In recent years our company has participated in many projects aimed to energetic modernization and cost savings, which involved lighting modernization (LED technology), developing mechanical equipment’s systems, facade insulation, replacing doors and windows and solar energy recovery as well.
In connection with the energetic modernization metioned above in many cases we completed the implementation after engineering and having carried out a case study in terms of the needed tasks ( with the cost-cutting calculations).

We are following-up the new technologies at home and foreign presentations, are attending professional fair trades, and we ourselves develope LED lightings, solar panels and produce modern doors and windows and electric switching equipments.

Providing our increasing tasks at the highest level, serving our Clients at as a high level as possible and the ambition to develop constantly make it necessary to train our collegues continuously. In order to reach it we ensure their attendance on professional, technological and OSH trainings.

In order to constantly develope and reach the quality assurance and enviroment protection targets, our company has a quality assurance system referring to the whole area of general construction according to the standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005.

Our financial status of the company is stable; the invoices of our suppliers and subcontractors are paid on time( they are never overdue). Our tax, Health Insurance and other liabilities are performed completely and on time.


Zsámbék, 2013 March



Bedő Attila
Manager/ Managing Director