Energy efficiency

In the recent years we have participated in several projects in the areas of energetic modernization and cost saving. The general contracting tasks of energetic modernization projects were carried out after the planning and preliminary case study preparation phase, always keeping the customer’s demands in mind.

The modern doors and windows are manufactured in our own workshop by technicians, on a high-end pneumatic production line, while the development of solar and lighting equipment is carried out by our specialized engineers.

We strive to keep up with the fast development of technology and obtain the necessary knowledge to use it, therefore we regularly participate at domestic and international presentations and exhibitions alike. In several cases we also provide our customers with preliminary consultation and financing solutions.
Main energy efficiency activities in public institutions, banks, offices and other areas:

  • modernization of lighting (LED technology) and engineering systems
  • manufacturing and installation of indoor and outdoor doors and windows on the basis of a preliminary thermal imaging survey
  • sizing, manufacturing, installation and network connection management of solar systems
  • installation of facade insulation systems
  • manufacturing and installation of building surveillance and automation systems