Parking systems

We are considered to be a highly trained expert in the area of installation and operation of software-controlled parking space utilization systems. We have implemented simple hotel parking garages as well as complex parking systems. It means that thousands of parking spaces are integrated into the centrally controlled or automatic network, as requested by the customer.

Our customers are the facility managers of airports, bank branches, shopping malls, municipalities and other facilities. Our main contracted suppliers are: DESGINA and SIEMENS. We develop more and more complex solutions for our customers while providing operational and maintenance tasks also.

Main parking system-related activities:

  • consultation and planning related to future systems
  • installation of complete parking systems (parking meters, barrier system, etc.)
  • operation and maintenance of the installed systems
  • installation of traffic signs and digital information boards, painting road marking signs
  • installation of parking system-related availability indicator system
  • installation of license plate number and container recognition system